Digilux’ industrial-grade SD and microSD™ cards providing wide range capacities from 8GB to 64GB fully compliant to SD3.0, and SD2.0 specifications are built with MLC NAND Flash and the latest firmware including read disturb , wear leveling & bad block management algorithms. Adoption of high endurance MLC NAND flash memory extends the card's lifespan by approximately 10 times longer than consumer memory cards with TLC NAND flash memory.

Product Highlights 

●  Capacity: 8GB – 64GB
●  Interface SDA 3.0, High-Speed
●  RoHS compliant
●  Durability: 10,000 insertion/removal cycles
●  Performance: Speed Class 10 
●  Operating Temp -25°C to 85°C 
●  Humidity: 0% ~ 95%
●  Operating voltage: 2.7V to 3.6V
●  Extended product life cycle 
●  Manufactured with brand-name MLC NAND Flash chips for extra endurance and stability


● Surveillance 
●  Navigation systems

●  Transportation

●  Industrial PC

●  Outdoor

●  Medical, etc.

Excellent  Durability

Water Proof

impact proof


Shock and vibration


X-Ray Proof

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