Our industrial-grade memory cards combine the advantages of high-performance, exceptional endurance, and wide temperature tolerance at affordable prices, making them ideal for industrial applications, ranging from read only applications as in navigation systems to utilization as boot media, for video recording, or data logging.

Industrial SD/Micro SD card
A security camera requires high endurance capability and recording performance to meet the needs of 24/7 high quality video recording, the heavy workloads for memory can quickly wear-out a consumer-grade memory cards.

It is highly recommended to select industrial grade memory cards with high endurance and environment hazard protection for surveillance application.
Non-stop, high-speed data transmission in transportation application requires fast, reliable and durable memory solutions.
Speed matters! You need ultra-fast and yet reliable memory solution to perform the best!
Automation applications need robust memory and storage solutions that can hurdle rigorous environmental, power and thermal challenges to ensure reliable performance.
Medical Devices
Choosing the right memory solution that can meet the delicate requirements of healthcare industry.
Digital display
Storage solutions for industrial/embedded systems installed in constrained spaces should be compact, power-efficient and able to operate continuously in harsh environments.
Keep your data safe against water, extreme temperatures, and other harsh conditions. Feel confident to capture, store and transfer 4K UHD videos, photos, music and other large files effortlessly.

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Industrial SD/Micro SD card

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